DEV Annual Bootcamps




Who Are We? DEV is the first and only completely student-run development agency operating on Harvard's Campus.   We build both web and mobile applications for a variety of clients, from start-ups to established businesses. 

What is the Winter 2018 Engineering Bootcamp? Every year we run a bootcamp over the winter that is designed to take beginner CS students to the next level.  It is run in DEV's offices at 67 Mt. Auburn Street, and taught by our engineering staff.  It runs from Wednesday, January 3rd to Friday, January 19th, weekdays 9am-5pm.  The bootcamp will consist of an intensive curriculum covering a variety of topics integral to modern web/app development from RESTful API architecture, to security & authentication to frontend styling.  The goal is put bootcamp attendees in a position to code directly on large and scalable mobile/web applications by the end of the program.

What Are We Looking For? Harvard students with a basic background knowledge of CS (CS50 or equivalent) who are passionate about expanding their skills.   The bootcamp is free and open to all Harvard students, and we will sponsor winter housing for bootcamp attendees.  DEV sources most of our Spring hires out of the bootcamp graduating class, so being interested in coding on projects with us term-time in the Spring and over the Summer is a plus.

Fill out this google form by 11:59pm, Tuesday (11/14) if interested.  Admissions are made on a rolling basis, so it is advantageous to apply earlier.  Please email any questions to